Worshiping at the Altar of Innovation


Welcome to the first episode of Fast Forward: The Post-Pandemic Innovation Podcast!

To kick the show off, Charlie shares a bit about the topics we’ll be discussing on the show in the coming months. She then takes us on a brief jaunt back to the future to explore how the word “innovation” has been defined in the past (including why being called an innovator centuries ago would’ve gotten you thrown in jail with a decapitated ear!) and how our modern, American definition of (and extreme pride in) innovation might be detrimental in the post-pandemic world. How will we define the new, post-pandemic culture of innovation? This is the start of an ongoing conversation and exploration Charlie will have on the show!


—  Innovation: The History of a Buzzword — In the 17th century, “innovators” didn’t get accolades. They got their ears cut off. (The Atlantic)
—  Redefining Innovation
—  Innovation: the History of a Category (by Benoît Godin)


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