Taran Hughes and Zineb Layachi: The Next Era of Innovation Will Explode Your Senses!


Taran Hughes

Want to know what the next era of innovation will be like? On this week’s episode, Charlie explores what post-pandemic innovation might be like for enterprise companies and startups with guests Taran Hughes (Startup Sales & Performance Coach, Founder TCS Sales Accelerators,  co-Founder of PitchSLAP and author of The Conscious Sale: Using the Power of State, Intention and Belief – A Guide to Sales Success) and Zineb Layachi (CMO in Residence at Adington Technologies, Founder of Rev Marketing Accelerators for Startups and coFounder of PitchSLAP).

Together, as co-founders and co-hosts of PitchSLAP, Taran and Zineb (who are based in Spain) help founders of young companies to perfect their virtual pitch, refine their value proposition, and narrow in on their market with laser precision. In a nutshell, it’s a weekly live pitching show where you founders whos already have traction or are very close to MVP stage, get immediate actionable feedback to polish their investor pitch virtually. Since launching their platform at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, the PitchSLAP has quickly exploded into a community of 250+ founders from over 26 countries.

Charlie, Taran and Zineb discuss how innovation is evolving and more including:

Zineb Layachi

—  who gets to define the new value system that will be the undercurrent of the post-pandemic innovation era and why it most likely will not be Silicon Valley;
—  how the next era of innovation might play out for enterprise companies and startups alike;
—  how companies should reimagine their innovation strategies;
—  how COVID-19 is changing the culture of big companies in unintended ways (including product development);
—  why VCs and corporate boards need to change their mindset and filters in order for innovation to be truly inclusive and equitable;
—  the startup’s community responsibility to help the millions of people recently unemployed as a result of the pandemic to become innovative;
—  why young companies need to focus less on market valuation and more on the actual value they’re delivering;
—  how becoming “conscious buyers” will help us to develop and purchase more ethical tech; and
—  And why privacy is the pandemic’s biggest loser!

Also, check out Episode 4 of the podcast where Charlie interviewed Taran solo (The Promise and Peril of Communicating Your Value Proposition Virtually with Taran Hughes).


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—  The stark new reality for American CEOs (LINK)
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Taran Hughes

Website:  http://www.pitchslap.live
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Book:  The Conscious Sale
Twitter:  iamtaranhughes
Email:  taran@theconscioussale.com

Zineb Layachi

Website:  http://www.pitchslap.live
LinkedIn:   http://www.linkedin.com/in/zineblayachi/
Twitter:  @VoxHazel


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