Meg Charles: Instead of Thinking Outside the Box, Ask Yourself Who Created the Box to Begin With


There is always a consequence for courage.” — Meg Charles



Meg Charlies

This week, Charlie enjoys the opportunity to interview one of Tech 2025’s awesome advisors, Meg Charles (Global Corporate Attorney and former managing partner with 20 years of experience working in corporate law policy for telecoms, Start-Up Board Director/Advisor, Angel Investor and Founder of Frame Advisory LLC which offers legal and strategic advisory to startups and small businesses with “non-traditional founders”).

Meg is a first generation child of immigrants coming from a family and culture where creative endeavors and careers were devalued as not being serious or conducive to getting good job. She chose law, but she has always embraced her creative side and credits it as being a core ingredient in her success. She has lived in several parts of the world including  London, Sweden, the Philippines, and New Delhi which gives her a global, unique perspective on innovation. Among other things, they discuss:

—  how and why Meg segued from being a partner in a law firm to starting her own business and how people in corporate can find their voice and follow it wherever it leads them;
—  what companies should do to facilitate courage during this era of displacement of jobs and workers;
—  the crucial role creativity and critical thinking plays in helping us to develop the necessary new business frameworks and foundations that will carry us into the future successfully;
—  why we need to recognize creativity as a human right that should be developed in context;
—  how diversity destroys inevitability; and
—  why the future belongs to those who embrace their creativity and are passionate about collaboration and partnership.





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  1. August 11, 2020

    Loved the discussion around your DNA and who owns it. Very relevant as companies are researching and practicing how to store data onto DNA. Thanks for this rich conversation Charlie and Meg!

    • Charlie Oliver
      August 13, 2020

      Thank you for the positive feedback, Faith! We enjoyed bringing this one to fruition too! More great interviews to come! : )

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