Friday Flashback: Faith Legendre on Humble Innovation, Building Communities and Embracing the Future


It’s not about what people think they need. It’s about creating solutions for the future that they didn’t know they needed.” — Faith Legendre



Faith Legendre

Welcome to another episode in our Friday Flashback series where we revisit awesome episodes from the past (and our first podcast) with special guest speakers who gave us such compelling food for thought, that it still resonates to this day (especially during these pandemic times!).

In this flashback episode from 2018, Charlie interviews Faith Legendre (Sr. Circular Economy Solutions Strategist and Intrapreneur, Cisco Systems). Faith (whose personality embodies the definition of her name perfectly) has been an awesome member of the Tech 2025 community since we launched our very first event January 11, 2017 (Battle of the Chatbots & Conversational Interfaces in 2017).

Faith specializes in corporate and social good, benefitting both at Cisco and The Aspen Institute. And she is a self-professed “hoarder of  use cases of tech.” In addition to being an accomplished Strategist with 15+ years of experience working with 200+ organizations worldwide on innovative and pioneering business solutions, she is also passionate about helping people.

Charlie and Faith have a deep-dive conversation about the importance and impact of building communities around emerging technologies that everyone can participate in and how companies can avoid becoming “zombie organizations” in these exponentially innovative times. Faith’s unique insights and advice on how to embrace change and the future is just what we need right now (that and humility).



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H&M and the circular economy (mentioned in podcast):
Book recommendation from Faith: Appreciative Inquiry: A Positive Revolution in Change by David Cooperrider and Diana Whitney


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