Next-Gen Innovator: Amara Leggett, 19-Year-Old Computer Scientist, on Gen-Z Ambitions and Being Unapologetically Exceptional


“At the end of the day, can you say you enjoyed your life? Did you you regret any decisions that you made? Because that’s what’s most inportant now!”  Amara Leggett 


Amara Leggett
In this special episode (one of two dedicated to next-generation innovators), Charlie welcomes young legend, Amara Leggett (19-year-old computer scientist, CEO of Dual Enrollment Company, and author of The Strategic Mind of a Young Legend). Amara’s path to success at the young age of 19 is truly exceptional. She graduated college in December of 2017 with her Associate of Science degree and high school diploma at 16 years old. Driven by ambition and experience making the impossible possible (thanks in no small part to her mother who is an entrepreneur), she soon began helping other students to define and achieve education goals by launching her own company, A Young Legend, and Dual Enrollment Company. In addition to being a sought-after public speaker where she has spoken at TEDx, corporations, and universities on everything from building a brand to Generation Z insights, Amara also authored a book, The Strategic Mind of a Young Legend. Charlie and Amara discuss:
  • developing the next generation of innovators and why Generation Z is exceptional;
  • why and how she decided, at the age of 13, to define her life through the lens of building a legacy;
  • her love of emerging technology (and focus on cybersecurity and quantum cryptology), problem-solving, and how to nurture this love in young people early;
  • the challenges of being on lockdown and graduating college in a “pandemic recession”;
  • launching a startup offering alternative methods of energy sources;
  • and the future, of course! 😏
Question of the Week: How are the young people in your life who are Amara’s age processing the pandemic and their role now? How has it changed how they see the future?


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