Be fearless and unapologetic in the fierce pursuit of your goals and be just as passionate about helping people.” — Charlie Oliver

Founder/CEO of Tech 2025

Ever since she launched her first tech startup in 2007 (a web video platform for talk shows), followed by the launch of Served Fresh Media in 2009, specializing in digital media marketing and branding for enterprise companies, Charlie Oliver has been helping professionals to understand and harness the power of advanced, disruptive technologies.

With Tech 2025 (the emerging technology futurist community and platform launched in 2017), Charlie has introduced thousands of people, from all walks of life and industries to emerging technologies and the limitless opportunities for them to participate in developing tech and solving problems of the future.

Charlie speaks publicly on emerging technologies, the future and how to engage employees and the public in equitable innovation. 

Strategic Management Advisory

Charlie offers companies her expertise in management advisory, team building, innovation strategy and community building. 

Management Advisory

Digital strategy, organizational culture, employee engagement/experience

Innovation Strategy

Emerging technology, upskilling initiatives, automation and no code strategy

Futures Forecasting

Technology forecasting, planning and communications


Charlie speaks at conferences, smaller live events, virtual events, for company teams and leadership. Her primary presentation topics include:

how to manage and keep Multipotentialite Employees (the new innovators)

Building a Future-Ready Culture

creating an employee-led autonomous innovation community

Guest Speaking on
Emerging Technologies, Innovation, the Workforce, and the Future

Industry Advisory & Affiliations

Media Interviews

  • LinkedIn News Live: The Return to Office Reshuffle (episode link)
  • Tribe of Leaders Podcast: How Technology Is Going to Radically Change Your Life (episode link)
  • Women on Tech: How Are Female Entrepreneurs Using Technology to Tackle Global Challenges? (info)
  • The Resilient Entrepreneur Podcast: Disruption Innovation & Emerging Technologies (episode link)
  • Visibility Ultd.: Expanding Beyond Tech’s Current Culture (episode link)
  • The Agile World Podcast: Educating the Future Workforce (episode link)
  • Principals & Leadership Podcast: How Leaders Can Prepare Organizations for Accelerating Technological Change (episode link)
  • sparks & honey Daily Culture Briefing Show (episode link)
  • IBM thinkLeaders Podcast: Demystifying AI: ethics, accessibility & our feelings about AI feat. Sameer Maskey & Charlie Oliver (episode link)
  • Future of Life Institute Podcast: Giving a Global Voice to the AI Discussion with Charlie Oliver and Randi Williams (episode link)
  • Tech Intersect with Tanya M. Evans Podcast: Charlie Oliver-Preparing for Web 3.0 Relevance is Mission Critical (episode link)
  • Agile World Podcast: Technology and Customer Experience (episode link)
  • Funny as Tech Podcast: What is the future of work? (episode link)
  • Your Business Greatness: How to Use Your Determination and Resiliency to Drive Your Success (episode link)
  • Momenta Edge Podcast: How Community Can Bridge Tech and Society as the Era of AI Approaches (episode link)
  • Daily Tech News Show Podcast: Ghost in the Machine (episode link)
  • Better Mousetrap Podcast: How Not to Be Passive Consumers of Technology (episode link)

Past Speaking Engagements

Charlie regularly speaks at events on emerging technology, community building, global and corporate innovation, employee engagement, and digital media marketing.

  • Event Experience Summit 2022 by Bizzabo: Charlie co-presented (with Cindy Chin, founder of CLIPr) on Post-Event Content Strategy: Tips to Maximize Audience Engagement (info
  • Reality Check: Why AI Has Failed to Live Up to Its Hype in the Pandemic – Charlie facilitated and moderated a panel of AI experts.
  • Virtual Workshop: How to Develop a Purpose-Driven Technology Upskilling Roadmap for Your Career (hosted by global nonprofit organization, Dress for Success) – Charlie developed and presented this workshop. (info)
  • Towards a Fearless Future: a Technology News Roundtable at BraveIT 2000 Virtual Conference – Charlie facilitated and moderated a news roundtable discussion with thought- leaders in tech. (info)
  • The China Tech Revolution and Why It Matters (hosted by South China Morning Post and Abacus) – Charlie interviewed Abacus’ Head of Product and Managing Editor.



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