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What We Do

What We Do

Preparing professionals for the technological future since 2017.

Most experts agree that the year 2025 will be a tremendously consequential inflection point for science and technology innovation that will shift our world into the next great era. Emerging technologies we are only just now beginning to understand and deploy, will significantly disrupt society, the global world order and the very nature of our collective and individual realities in profound ways. Since January 2017, TECH 2025 has been an innovator educating and preparing professionals for the technological revolution that is now at our doorstep. 

we’ve educated, inspired and connected thousands of professionals, across diverse backgrounds and industries, at over 100 live and virtual events and learning experiences including think tanks, webinars, workshops and tech tours – empowering them to identify and solve tech-driven problems, and to confidently create a roadmap for the future while building in-demand power skills. Our members have launched successful startups, advanced their careers goals and become thought-leaders in tech. 

Our mission is to empower organizations and individuals to creatively and confidently prepare for the massive global disruption that will happen over the next 3-5 years (by 2025) due to accelerating emerging technologies. Learn more about how we provide The Future as a Service™.

Experiential Learning

We deliver unique, engaging, high-impact learning programs for workers seeking to reskill for job improvement and career growth in these highly uncertain times. Focusing on in-demand Power Skills necessary to learn and deploy emerging technologies, our  programs for the hybrid workforce include Virtual Think Tanks, long-form courses, mobile courses and workshops. 

Futurist Communities

Since our launch, we have been celebrated for our expertise at building diverse, impactful futurist communities. We build future-savvy micro-communities around emerging technologies, hard problems and big ideas that provides informal learning and creates a safe, autonomous space for employees to build the solutions that companies need to digitally transform. 

Innovation Strategy

Our corporate and individual subscriptions include engaging content (newsletters, research, articles, analyses, etc.)  and events (think tanks, info sessions, AMAs) that offer unique insights into the technological future and how to strategize for opportunities. Our content is a roadmap to the future that asks the hard questions and explores under-the-radar solutions.

The Future
of Work

Automation & Digital Transformation



Technology Forecasting  

Digitized Sustainability

Examples of how we've prepared professionals for the technological future.

We are known for accurately anticipating emerging technology trends and major disruptions long before they are mainstream. Here are 5 examples of how we prepared people for the future.

What They Say About Us

Tech 2025 effectively explores the most impactful issues of our time, distilling the simple essence of complex concepts. In a rapidly evolving landscape it can be confusing for workers to grasp the implications of disruptive technologies. They are uniquely adept at helping people make sense of the accelerating changes around them, and more importantly, to feel confident in their own opportunities in a world of vastly expanding possibility.
Ed Maguire
Research Principal Analyst, SMBC Nikko Securities America
After the Tech 2025 event I submitted my idea to the Ohio Opioid Tech Challenge. They liked it enough to make it one of the 40 second place winners (20 experts/20 “citizen scientists”)! I was surprised, to say the least. I just wanted to thank you again for allowing my voice to be heard. Honestly, this wouldn’t have been even remotely possible without you and the Tech 2025 platform! Tech 2025 has changed my life in so many ways!
Naomi Cosman
Head of Marketing at Koning Corporation
The participants truly enjoyed all the information Tech 2025 shared! We had a net promoter score of 98% from survey respondents. Here's what one of the participants said on the survey: "This was by far one of the best workshops I have ever attended and that does state quite a lot about the quality of this seminar. It was information packed, uplifting and provided guidance for the future. I look forward to more seminars like this one!"
Natalie Borneo
VP Worldwide Multi-Site Ops/Compliance, Dress for Success
I met you guys and learned so much about the future of tech and how I can be involved with the movement. I was truly inspired by the entire day! Thank you for the information and inspiration!
Keisha Manning
Platform Manager (MarTech) at Spotify
I’ve attended three events so far and find them fascinating. What you're is doing is great. Everyone should be aware of this. I always leave with a bigger worldview than when I arrive and thinking differently.
David Jones
CEO/Founder, Vision On
We had a great time at the event and really appreciate you allowing us to join. We took a lot from it and were able to generate some new ideas for our own product surrounding chatbots!
Aaron Lupo
Group Product Manager at Fluent, Inc



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