Tech 2025 List of Top 20 Must-See Programs at Design Manufacturing 2017 (3D Printing, Robots and more)

One of the things we do at Tech 2025 is share with the community various ways of learning about and experiencing emerging technologies. We do this by gently nudging members (and ourselves) out of old comfort zones and offering them new ideas to consider, new events to attend, and new thought-leaders rising in emerging technologies.

A huge expo filled with industrial robots, manufacturing and medical technologies whose primary audience is engineers, executives, and suppliers across the design and manufacturing spectrum might not seem like an event most people would want to attend, but it’s the very event the general public should attend to learn about how many emerging technologies will be adopted by businesses and practitioners now and in the next few years including AI, 3D printing, virtual reality, blockchain, and industrial robots.


When organizers of Atlantic Design & Manufacturing 2017approached me about the possibility of Tech 2025participating in their June 13th expo at the Jacob Javits Center, I couldn’t resist! It’s a great opportunity for members of our community to see and learn about 3D printing and AI robotics, and to meet the people who are developing, selling, and buying these technologies.

Billed as the “East Coast’s largest annual design and marketing event,” organizers have planned a program that emphasizes the very technologies we all want to learn more about:

Atlantic Design & Manufacturing connects you with more than 9,000 engineers and executives, as well as hundreds of leading suppliers, across the advanced design and manufacturing spectrum. Find the design and manufacturing solutions, innovations, and inspiration you need to solve your toughest challenges, while staying on top of the latest advancements across the industry. This year the show floor spotlights two industry mega-trends — 3D printing and smart manufacturing — with a dedicated 3D Printing Zone, plus the latest in collaborative robots and robotics on display from the world’s top suppliers.

The event, which also takes places in other cities across the country, comes at a time when the loss of jobs in manufacturing as a result of robot automation is at the forefront of mainstream media and political discussions. Seeing the technologies, in real life, that we’ve been reading so much about, and hearing from the experts building these technologies, is important for us to understand their implications and to having constructive discourse.

Rogue Robots, the Internet of Things and More, Oh My!

In just 7 days, in partnership with Atlantic Design & Manufacturing, Tech 2025 will be hosting a special presentation and live panel that will be free and open to everyone, Hacking Industrial Robots in the IoT Factories of the Future: Are Companies Prepared for the Risks?

 The presentation and panel discussion will be based on a recent research study, Rogue Robots: Testing the Limits of an Industrial Robot’s Security,published jointly by researchers at Politecnico di Milano in Italy and Trend Micro Inc.’s FTR, where researchers hacked industrial robots to explore vulnerabilities in these massive machines that work alongside human beings, and the potential impact these security breaches. Joining us for this discussion will be Marcello Poglian (a senior member of the research team that published this study), and Ed Maguire (Managing Partner at Bluemont Partners, Venture Partner at Momenta Partners, Chief Strategy Officer for Acreto, a seed-stage IoT security company).

The best part about attending this event is that anyone who RSVPs to attend this event will get a FREE Expo Pass to attend the Keynote featuring the legendary Steve Wozniak (co-founder of Apple), Innovation Tours, and access to the Show Floor and Exhibitors. It’s the perfect opportunity for the general public to come out, learn about how these technologies are being discussed, promoted, and presented to the very people who will use them in business. Look forward to seeing product demos of industrial robots and 3D printing, among other things. RSVP to attend our presentation HERE.

Top 20 Must-See Programs at Design Manufacturing:

In addition to the free Expo Pass, the awesome organizers have given us a 20% discount code to share with the Tech 2025 community to attend the full 3-day event (including all panels, workshops, and special programming). Get the discount on the full ticket price HERE.

In the meantime, check out our curated list of the panels, workshops and special programming that are “must-see” at the event:

  1. Keynote Speaker: Steve Wozniak (co-founder of Apple) (June 13, 12pm)
  2. Panel Discussion: The Reality of What’s Possible with Collaborative Robots and What’s Still in the Works (June 13, 11:00am)
  3. Blockchain Technology’s Potential to Disrupt Healthcare (June 15, 1:15pm)
  4. Can Robots Fill the Skills Gap? (June 13, 9:30am)
  5. Preparing for the Next Industrial Revolution Through Machine Learning IoT and Artificial Intelligence (June 14, 9am)
  6. Geek Trivia (June 13, 2:00pm)
  7. How to Leverage the IoT in Lean Manufacturing (June 14, 8:30am)
  8. What’s Next and New in 3D Printing (June 14, 8:30am)
  9. Death by Hacking? Exploiting Connected Medical Devices (June 15, 2pm)
  10. Future Medical Applications in 3D Printing: Clinical Benefits, Regulatory Issues & Manufacturing Challenges (June 14, 1:15pm)
  11. Dealing with Big Data in Smart Manufacturing (June 14, 1:15PM)
  12. New Opportunities for the Medical Device Industry Using 3D Printing(June 14, 1:45PM)
  13. Case Study: Infusing Emotions and Meaning into a Robotic Dining Device(June 14, 2PM)
  14. Case Study: Navya Network’s Predictive Analytics and Machine Learning in Action (June 15, 9:10am)
  15. AR/VR for Healthcare (June 15, 12:15pm)
  16. Panel: Global Manufacturing and Supply Chain Challenges — Sourcing in Asia Vs. the US (June 15, 2:00pm)
  17. Case Study/Demonstration: Technologies Converging to Advance Surgical Robotics (June 15, 3pm)
  18. Demonstration Virtual Reality Comes Out of the Game and Into the Clinic(June 15, 3:30pm)
  19. Panel: The Future of Collaborative Robots is Here. What’s the Cobots Next Move? (June 13, 10:45am)
  20. Key Trends & Developments in the Additive Manufacturing Start-up and Technology Landscape (June 13, 11am)

See anything that peaks your interest? Let me know in the comments below which sessions you’re most interested in and why. Then RSVP for our event and get your free RSVP to our event and free Expo Pass HERE. And get a 20% discount on the full ticket price HERE.

See you there!


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