Tech 2025 Contest: Win 2 Tickets to a Live Podcast Taping of Funny as Tech in NYC (“How Human Should Our AI Assistants Be?!”)


These violent delights have violent ends.” – Dolores (AI Robot, Westworld)


AI is not conscious (at least not yet), and we may not see true general AI for decades to come. But on the hit HBO series, Westworld (an hour-long weekly series about a futuristic amusement park Intended for rich vacationers, run by AI robotic “hosts” that engage with humans and allows their visitors to live out their fantasies through artificial consciousness) — the AI is not only conscious, they’re revolting revolt against their human owners.

There’s been a lot of debate about what exactly is going on in Season 2 (it’s very different from Season 1) but the drama, the violence and the eternal existential question about what it means to be human is still there and tons of fun to watch.

Now that Season 2 of the show has wrapped, we’re going to have a bit of Summer fun by paying homage to one of our favorite AI doomsday shows, and to one of our favorite tech event partners (Funny as Tech) while highlighting the the importance of exploring the right questions about how we want to engage with AI in the future.

The Big Question

Submit your answer to the following question, along with your contact info. The best answer to the question (chosen by the crew at Tech 2025 and Funny as Tech) will win the prize (see below). The lucky winner will be announced the morning of Tuesday, July 10th, via email and on our Twitter, Facebook and Instagram pages. By entering the contest, you agree that we have the right to share your submission answer and name, announcing you as the winner, in print and/or digital on any platform we choose (either our own or our partners’ platforms). Any member of the Tech 2025 community, 21 years or older and living in the New York City tristate area, can participate, as long as you have watched the entire Season 2 of Westworld and can answer the contest question.

The Prize

The Winner will receive two (2) tickets to the next live-taped episode of Funny as Tech (a bi-monthly live panel podcast show in NYC that tackles a specific thorny tech topic (i.e. trolls, diversity in tech, cryptocurrency, future of work, future of conversation) with a panel of guest experts and cohosts, David Ryan Polgar (tech ethicist) and Joe Leonardo (UCB comedian). Our very own Charlie Oliver (CEO of Tech 2025) was a guest on the show a few months ago (mucho fun!).

Show Date/Location: Wednesday, July 11 (7PM) at Caveat in New York City (21 A Clinton Street)
Show Topic: How Human Should Our AI Assistants Be?!
Featured Guest Speakers: CNET’s Bridget Carey, The Verge’s Natt Garun, & Quartz Bot Studio​

Additionally, the winning submission will featured on the Tech 2025 blog, newsletter and social media accounts.


Contest Question

In Season 2 of Westworld, what do the AI Robot Hosts show us about the nature of reality and the definition of what it truly means to be human that might help us (now, in the real world) to better develop and implement AI safely and fairly to avoid creating AI that might harm us in the future?

Note: We will be posting the answers submitted here in the forum after we announce the winner. Want to discuss this question in our Think Tank Forums? Sign up to join the forum and start discussing the question here:


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