A Virtual Workforce Model for COVID-19 and Beyond with James Jeude of Tech 2025 and Ashwin Rao of Collabera (HumAIn Podcast)



Leading companies control their destinies and they look to this moment as a chance to think through the entire Virtual Workforce Model. They have to move fast, but also think long term, which is always a challenge. Those who ignore this shift, fall behind, and wait for the new normal to become the old normal, are going to find themselves in a very difficult situation.” —  James Jeude (Principal, Strategy & Consulting, Tech 2025)

The most confounding question of our time that business leaders around the world are asking themselves about the future is: What will the post-COVID-19 Virtual Workforce Model be and how will businesses survive this unprecedented disruption to business as usual? 

Luckily for us, this is the pressing question that our very own James Jeude (Principal and Head of Consulting & Strategy at Tech 2025) and Ashwin Rao (Executive Vice President and Chief Sales Officer at Collabera) explore in an informative and thought-provoking interview with David Yacobovitch on the HumAIn Podcast (a leading artificial intelligence podcast that explores the topics of AI, data science, future of work, and developer education for technologists).

Among other things, they discuss how companies can define and embrace the new Virtual Workforce Model for their organizations and overcome obstacles that have thwarted many companies that stumbled into the virtual workforce during the COVID-19 lockdown without a strategy. How does Collabera help their enterprise clients to rethink and restructure through the current pandemic crisis and build an agile workforce and processes that will carry them through what will undoubtedly be even greater disruptions in the next five years?  They share valuable and actionable insights from their new research report published by Collabera and co-authored by James and Ashwin,  A Virtual Workforce Model for COVID-19 and Beyond. Listen to the episode and download the transcript at the links below.

This Virtual Workforce Model is here to stay. It’s not going to go away. It started because of COVID-19, but I think companies have learned a lot in the past two or three months and they will implement this for business purposes for more collaboration purposes and economic reasons. We are excited that companies are thinking differently and we have a role to play here by being agile and by helping them get to get to that model pretty soon!” — Ashwin Rao (EVP and Chief Sales Officer at… Collabera)


About Ashwin Rao

A Senior IT Services Management Executive with over 25+ years of experience in driving Sales, Profitability, Productivity, Marketing, P/L Management, global teams and Corporate Strategy. Featured in the 2019 Staffing 100 – Staffing Industry Analysts’ list of the 100 most influential people in the staffing industry.

About James Jeude

A Principal for Strategy and Consulting at Tech2025, James guides the conversations that bring a concept to life. Idea creation, prioritization, stakeholder engagement, and project formation are the next logical steps for Tech2025 experiences and events.

About HumAIn Podcast

The HumAIn Podcast is a leading artificial intelligence podcast that explores the topics of AI, data science, future of work, and developer education for technologists. Whether you are an Executive, data scientist, software engineer, product manager, or student-in-training, HumAIn connects you with industry thought leaders on the technology trends that are relevant and practical. HumAIn is a leading data science podcast where frequently discussed topics include ai trends, ai for all, computer vision, natural language processing, machine learning, data science, and reskilling and upskilling for developers. Episodes focus on new technology, startups, and Human Centered AI in the Fourth Industrial Revolution. HumAIn is the channel to release new AI products, discuss technology trends, and augment human performance.

Want more insights on the future of the Virtual Workforce Model? Download this new research report.

This Virtual Workforce Model white paper (published by Collabera and co-authored by James Jeude and Ashwin Rao), looks at:

  • The PLACES we work, regarding the accelerated mandates and social obligations to develop alternatives for office-based work
  • The WAY we work, with a Virtual Workforce Model that allows rapid assembly and reassembly of teams
  • WHAT we work on, as the nature of knowledge work itself changes in this virtualized model
  • DEMAND MANAGEMENT and a new model for handling dramatic shifts in the quantity and complexity of client demands
  • The TRANSITION period, and suggestions for using this time to prepare and train for the future


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