Listen Up: Anne Griffin Offers a Guiding Light Forward for Emerging Tech on Minority Innovation Weekend Podcast

Event speakers Dr. Alexandros Louizos (ManXmachina), Babak Hodjat (Cognizant), and Charlie Oliver (Tech 2025)

Zoom can’t be the answer for everything! If you think about the number of things you do in your day job that are repeatable, there’s a lot of our jobs that can be automated. (Anne T. Griffin)

This podcast episode is a “must-listen” not just because Anne T. Griffin (our Chief Product & Curriculum Officer) is the guest speaker, but because she imparts knowledge and thoughtful suggestions on how people and companies should move forward with emerging technologies in these uncertain times based on her own experience. In other words, she walks the talk! And those of you who have been to our events know this. She’s been front and center in this innovation community since day one (her hustle is fierce!).

On the podcast, Minority Innovation Weekend Disruptive Podcast, co-hosted by Jerome McDonald and Sir Walter Richardson, Anne discusses her extensive work teaching emerging technologies to professionals seeing to move forward in their careers including teaching her own course at O’Reilly Media, Business Applications of Blockchain, and her new course, Attract Your Dream Job Course (through her newly launched Pivot, Hustle & Grow startup), her work as Product Manager with Priceline, and the evolution and future of  emerging tech like AI, blockchain and the ethics of technology

She also discusses thornier issues like the role of tech in the racial biases against people of color in society including facial recognition. Last April, Anne moderated one of our lunchtime roundables on the topic,  Surveillance State: the Promise and Perils of Facial Recognition Technologies that yielded a lot of insights for everyone!

There’s much to chew on here and she shares her knowledge generously.

You can check out the episode on the podcast’s website HERE. Connect with Anne in social media on Twitter (@AnneTGriffin) and on LinkedIn at:

To learn more about how we can help your organization with innovation strategy and upskilling, contact Anne at anne[at]


The MIW Disruptive Podcast is a platform to highlight tech entrepreneurs and innovators of color, the tech startup ecosystem, emerging technologies, and more. Join us as we have a conversation with tech startups and innovators building solutions for our future.

Co-host Jerome McDonald is an experienced electrical engineer with a focus in optical communication technology, skilled in optical communication systems design, optical modeling, link budget analysis, and characterizing optical systems. Jerome, aka DJ ROME,  is also founder and host of The Junction, a podcast available on iHeartRadio and Apple Podcast, and co-owner of the DJ business Event Makers Entertainment (EME), which provides high-quality sound to the DMV area.

Co-host Sir Walter Richardson is an experienced Hardware Engineer with a demonstrated history of working in heavy industry and aerospace industry. He’s an active member of the Baltimore Metropolitan Area Chapter (BMAC) of the National Society of Black Engineers and will be helping execute this year’s Minority Innovation Weekend. This weekend summit will bring together minority founders, business owners and future entrepreneurs.

Launched in 2017, Tech 2025 is the platform and community for professionals to learn about the most disruptive emerging technologies that will change our world in the next 5 years.

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