Quick Question with Rich Mokuolo: Should you take a “3D Printing for Entrepreneurs” online course?


“At the crux of it, it’s all about curiosity — predicting what could be and the art of the possible and pursuing that. Innate curiosity.” — Rich Mokuolu



With most people working from home throughout the pandemic, we’re hearing from a lot of folks that the one thing they miss about working in an office is being able to casually and quickly bounce ideas off coworkers (when you used to be able to stop a coworker at the coffee machine for quick feedback!).

Well, that’s why we’re launching this video interview series for the podcast. We have a ton of ideas and questions about what’s happening in emerging tech (and we get a lot of questions from our community), so Charlie (show host), is reaching out to thought-leaders in our network to ask them for advice about an idea or hot topic.

For this first Quick Question, Charlie taps manufacturing entrepreneur Rich Mokuolu (coFounder of Partsimony, ) for advice on whether people should take an intriguing new 3D entrepreneur course that she found on Kickstarter to diversify their technology upskilling and, perhaps, to create new opportunities to provide 3D printing consulting services as a freelancer. There are a ton of 3D printing courses online, but Charlie seems to think this one, in particular, is unique and wants to know if it’s a good move or too good to be true. Rich is just the person to help her figure this out!

View the 3D printing course they discuss HERE.


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  1. October 14, 2020

    Creating 3D models and have an inhouse printing facility can be a great asset to entrepreneurs who work with physical assets.

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