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Welcome to the first issue of What to Learn, the bi-weekly, continuous learning newsletter, published by Tech 2025, that offers ideas, strategies, tools and tips on what you should be learning today to survive the unprecedented changes our world will experience in the next 5 years due to global political unrest, a deep recession and disruptive emerging technologies.

We have one primary job in life: to learn!

And we succeed when we share what we learn with each other. Since we first launched in 2017, our mission and mantra has been: “Figuring out the future, together.” The mission continues!

Ten months into a historical pandemic, the one question we are all asking ourselves is: “What should I do now?” Never before has this question carried so much weight and have so many consequences as it does today (we made it through 2020, but 2021 will have its own special challenges and we know we need to prepare for them).

To answer this, jump into a time machine and travel back to the very first moments of your life. As a newborn, you knew exactly what to do!

Moments after you were born, you knew you had to survive (no one told you this, it was coded into your DNA). And you knew that your best chance of survival, the mechanism by which you’d guarantee your survival success, was TO LEARN — learn as much as possible, as quickly as possible, and as strategically as possible. From that moment on, you became a highly efficient lean, mean, learning machine!

If you want to know “what to do” to survive the future, start with “what to learn.” To answer the question of “what to learn,” jump back into your time machine and travel about 4 years into the future (2025) and ask your future self: “What do I need to learn today that will give me the tools knowledge and wisdom I need to not just survive, but to innovate and be successful?

Think of this newsletter as insights from the future.

What qualifies us (the Tech 2025 team) to receive and share future insights on what you should learn?  For starters, we’ve been doing this very thing since we first launched in January, 2017,  and our track record for accurately tapping into the technological future is exceptional.

Check out how we’ve helped people to figure out what to learn to prepare for the future: 5 Times We Predicted Tech Tipping Points and Prepared People for Them!

Read Issue #1 here.

Now that we are just 4 years away from 2025 (what we believe will be an inflection point for the world brought on by massive, global disruption from emerging technologies), we are ramping up and doubling down on sharing our insights on learning about emerging technologies and forecasting the future.

This newsletter is for anyone who wants to be proactive about defining and creating their future and who, rather than feel overwhelmed by technological innovation, wants to get ahead (and stay ahead) of innovation.

It’s about developing technology skills that moves beyond learning to code, and offers a more cross-displinary way of learning about emerging technologies, business innovation and the “power skills” (as we call them) required to succeed in the new world like creativity, problem-solving, communication and critical thinking.

I think of this newsletter as a journey of self-discovery to your future (and our collective future). The suggestions we provide here will focus on informal learning just as much as formal learning — on HOW to learn, just as much as WHAT to learn and, of course, WHY you should learn a particular skill or concept.

In a nutshell, we’re bringing context to continous learning.

I’m a BIG proponent of success happening when opportunity meets preparation. This newsletter is about upskilling, expanding your horizons, and embracing the potential for emerging technology to reshape our world. But it’s also about learning how to predict and prepare for opportunities to come. As the saying goes: “If you stay ready, you ain’t gotta get ready!

Having said that, this is also a conversation. We want to hear from you and will frequently ask, “What are you learning?” (I’d like to replace that annoying question we used to hear at networking events, “What do you do?” with the more substantive and thought-provoking, “What are you learning?”

Unlike our free weekly newsletter, Fast Forward, starting in January, suscription to this newsletter will be $5 per month and, with the paid subscription, you will get one free microcourse per month (more on that in the next issue!).

Until January, this newsletter will be free and you’ll get to explore the content. Expect the next free issue in your inbox Wednesday, December 30th. Until then, join us for our next and last virtual event of the year, The Pain and Triumphs of 2020: The Biggest Lessons We Learned This Year and Our New Future (December 18, 2pm).

Reach out to us at whattolearn@tech2025.com. Would love to know what you’re learning and we welcome your feedback on our content.

Here’s to the future!

Charlie Oliver
CEO, Tech 2025

Founder and CEO of Served Fresh Media and Tech 2025. Unapologetic instigator of provocative discourse. Entrepreneur / Pragmatic Futurist / Observer. More about Charlie: https://charlieoliver.co

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