Anne T. Griffin Explains the Power of Pivoting on The Reset Podcast

“Plan your exit long before you need to hit that emergency eject button.” — Anne T. Griffin

Anne T. Griffin never misses the mark! In this interview with Laura Mignott (CEO of the cultural communications agency, DFlash) on The Reset Podcast, Anne shares thought-provoking insights on how people can strategically take the next steps in their careers and grow during these uncertain pandemic times.

Each week on The Reset Podcast, Laura “brings on an interesting. game-changing, unique person from the worlds of business, marketing, advertising, media, tech, and more.

In this episode, Anne offers advice that is no-nonsense, grounded in the reality we can all relate to, and comes from her many years of experience working in some of the biggest companies (and most innovative startups) as a Product Manager. In addition to her work with Tech 2025 as Chief Product & Curriculum Officer, she also recently launched her own venture, Pivot Grow Hustle, where she is both a product coach and career pivot coach. Her new course for professionals, How to Attract Your Dream Job, is for professionals who are serious about investing in their future (something we are big proponent of here at Tech 2025!).

To learn how to embrace this moment and prepare for the future, delve into this must-listen conversation between Laura and Anne.


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