NextGen Innovator: Anya Berlova on Anti-Bullying, Pro-Individuality and Using Art+Tech to Change the World


“I view innovation as a means to create change. In that sense, innovation for me is most powerful when it’s used to better the world. I really love that side of innovation. ”  Anya Berlova 


Anya Berlova
In this special second episode in our series on next-gen innovators, Charlie chats with Anya Berlova. Anya Berlova is a student at the Leeds School of Business at the University of Colorado Boulder and an entrepreneur who launched her social cause startup in her freshman year of college. Her startup focuses on combatting bullying in a creative and technology-driven way. To support the development of the technology and to further raise awareness for the mission, she launched a fashion label, Anya Berlova Designs. Anya started her brand because she had a mission: to combat bullying and encourage people to show their uniqueness and unique selves. She believes that one of the keys to a bullying-free society is for every person to build confidence around their individuality and not succumb to any fear surrounding the expression of who they are. She hopes to inspire YOU to #ShowYourUnique! Charlie and Anya discuss:
  • her passion for innovation and what drove her to launch a social cause startup on anti-bullying;
  • how the pandemic has changed school life and what the long-term impact will likely be to higher education;
  • why she sees a silver “digital” lining in the pandemic;
  • why communication and data privacy is of particular interest to her when thinking about the post-pandemic future


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