My Pick of 30 Films to Watch at the Brooklyn SciFi Film Festival (online)


It’s not secret that I love scifi. Like many of you, I was raised on a steady diet of Star Trek, Twilight Zone, and an endless list of tv shows and movies that question the limitations and potential of our existence, the technologies that will empower us to explore them, and the perils of embracing technology without exercising wisdom.

Screening of the scifi movie, Automata, at Tech 2025 (2018)

As a way of exploring the narratives around accelerating emerging technologies, we’ve produced several scifi themed events including What Sci-Fi Movies Can Teach Us About Socially Responsible Innovation, The Future of Human/Robot Relationships & Conflicts with Dan Chen – a Screening of Automataand, and Using Science Fiction to Predict the Future Impact of Emerging Technologies. These have been some of our most popular events.

Using scifi as a tool to explore the impact and potential of emerging technologies is something that has been practiced by big brands (Nike and Boeing Are Paying Sci-Fi Writers to Predict Their Futures) and the government (Militaries are plundering sci-fi for technology ideas) for years.

Having said that, we have reached the point where the technological future depicted in scifi films over the past 60 years is now reality (AI, robots, the metaverse, etc. – it’s all here!). Reality has caught up with traditional scifi narratives and speculation. Now, more than ever, we should all embrace the genre as a tool to forecast the future and explore our technologies. 

This is why I’m looking forward to (and recommending) the Brooklyn SciFi Film Festival. A festival celebrating independing filmmakers in the scifi genre taking place September 20-26 (virtually and in-person).


According to its site, here’s the festival’s mission:

We remain on a mission to bring the best independent, SciFi films to one of the most innovative and creative hubs in the world: Brooklyn. This thrilling, week-long film festival will feature works by some of the most dynamic minds in the genre. 

Presented by Cyber NY, a Brooklyn based tech firm with over 20-years experience crafting ecommerce solutions for clients in entertainment, publishing, film & television, retail sales, and wholesale distribution. 

The Brooklyn SciFi Film Festival was born out of our shared passion for independent film, SciFi, and Brooklyn combined with our established history of working with some truly legendary film makers and distributors.   

As part of this passion, Cyber-NY will release a new video streaming (OTT) service for use by independent film makers, distributors, and content creators, that will launch as part of the Brooklyn SciFi Film Festival.

Now in it’s second year, the festival boasts over 160 scifi films from 18 countries + special events. Program highlights include:

    • Virtual Watch Party (watch a film and chat with the filmmaker) [more info]
    • An Evening of Japanese Scifi (3 selections from the Jimbocho Movie Film Festival and interviews by Hiroshi Kono of the NY Japan Cinefest) [more info]
    • Special screening of hit film LAPSIS and interview with the films Director Noah Hutton and Lead Actor Dean Imperial  [more info]

It’s important that we hear the new voices defining the next era of scifi (especially as they are create through the pandemic). To that end, the categories of this film festival indicate that the program directors are very well aware of the impact of the pandemic on the genre (though what that impact means remains to be seen). 

Subject matter categories include:  Aliens • Androids & Robots Biotech Comedy/Parody  COVID-19 Documentary Dystopian Fantasy Foreign Films Internal Struggle Scifi Horror Social Commentary Space Travel Time Travel 

I have not yet had a chance to see any of the movies or join the live special events. I certainly plan on it, though and I look forward to it (especially the live screening of Lapsis, which I think is one of the best scifi movies of the year). Below are the films I think offer an appealing narrative (related primarily to emerging technology and social commentary) that you may want to see. Even if you can’t see the films this week during the festival, the filmmakers will undoubtedly still have then posted online somewhere, so subscribe to the festival newsletter to get updates!

My Pick of 30 Films to Watch at the Festival Rocket on Google Android 12.0

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