Episode 22: My Pick of 30 Films to Watch at Brooklyn SciFi Film Festival (online)


Charlie shares her hot picks of 30 films (out of over 150) to watch at this year’s Brooklyn SciFi Film Festival taking place September 20-25 (virtually and online). 

If you missed the festival, fret not. The movies (which are all independent and, primarily, short films) will likely still be available online, if not on the festival site then elsewhere. There’s some great picks here with something for everyone.

As a way of exploring the narratives around accelerating emerging technologies, we’ve produced several scifi themed events including What Sci-Fi Movies Can Teach Us About Socially Responsible InnovationThe Future of Human/Robot Relationships & Conflicts with Dan Chen – a Screening of Automataand, and Using Science Fiction to Predict the Future Impact of Emerging Technologies. These have been some of our most popular events.

More about Tori Baker who will be on the show next week: https://www.linkedin.com/in/toribakerslc/

***Here’s her blog post with complete list of 30 films: http://bit.ly/top30scifi ***


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