An experiential tour of Amazon's fullfilment center and
presentation on technologies disrupting the supply chain
with Rich Mokuolu (CEO of Partsimony)

(NOTE: All Fulfillment Center tours at Amazon are free of charge. Amazon does not receive
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Overview & Agenda

Will automation be "Death of Supply Chain Management"?

Within 5-10 years, the supply chain function may be obsolete, replaced by a smoothly running, self-regulating utility that optimally manages end-to-end work flows and requires very little human intervention.” -- Harvard Business Review, The Death of Supply Chain Management

The article written in Harvard Business Review, The Death of Supply Chain Management (co-authored by Allan Lyall, Pierre Mercier, and Stefan Gstettner) sent shockwaves through the supply chain community, sparking heated debates on what the true impact of automation and other emerging technologies would be on the supply chain in the coming decade. Among other things, the article outlined how automation, AI and big data are quickly changing the industry.

Whatever the supply chain will become in the next 10 years, Amazon will be one of the primary forces shaping the future of retail and supply chain management (whether it's run by machine, by humans, or by a combination of both).

JOIN US for a special presentation and private, guided, tour of Amazon's Fulfillment Center in Edison New Jersey, where we'll explore the impact of automation on the supply chain and see, first-hand, how the retail giant processes millions of items, through an increasingly complex supply chain, to consumers who want the goods and want it fast. One of the main questions we'll explore is: how will Amazon automate its fulfillment centers into the future, how will it change its workforce, and what will be the impact on ecommerce and retail?



Rich Mokuolu, Co-founder & CEO at Partsimony

Rich Mokuolu’s passion for inventing and tinkering was ignited at an early age, when he attached some wires to a battery and a lightbulb and lit up his childhood bedroom for the first time. It also happened to be around the time he saw the movie Flubber, so it’s safe to say his fate was sealed.

Rich has a patent related to the military space and has experienced how difficult it is to get the products he’d spent years developing and prototyping actually made- this led to the creation of Partsimony with his twin brother, Roland.

Rich has worked on numerous critical global supply chain initiatives across various multi-billion dollar industrial companies in the Aviation, Oil & Gas, Locomotive, and Renewable Energy sectors. He advises on hardware-related inventions and can be found doodling designs for new product ideas in his (non-existent) free time.

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James Jeude, Principal, Strategy & Consulting at Tech 2025

James Jeude started working with Artificial Intelligence and text mining nearly 20 years ago, and is a regular speaker and author with dozens of publications, podcasts, and videos on the subject. At Cognizant, he and Dr. Jerry Smith authored the seminal paper on AI Transparency, Trust, and Personalization that led to James's work in AI bias, abuse, and public reaction.

He founded Cognizant's strategic business consulting practice for data management and business intelligence, and now focuses on guiding clients to win in the data economy.

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(NOTE: All Fulfillment Center tours at Amazon are free of charge. Amazon does not receive any money for their tours. Amazon is not affiliated with Tech2025.)