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Undoubtedly, the biggest threat to the survival of companies today is COVID-19. The epic challenges businesses face include remote workforce continuity and culture, technology upskilling and reskilling, and keeping up with the pace of innovation (which has increased exponentially due to the pandemic, shocking even the most well-prepared organizations).

But there is another crippling crisis companies face, bubbling beneath the surface of every interaction and initiative — employees who feel unprepared for (and often overwhelmed by) the post-pandemic, technological future. According to new research by World Economic Forum, more than half (54%) of working adults fear for their jobs and the future. Research also shows there is a significant relationship between fear of COVID-19 and fear of “the future of work.” And, as we all know from our own personal experiences, anxiety about the future can cause stagnation and block innovation!

Now, here’s the good news…

Tech 2025 has been giving professionals the tools to understand, strategize and embrace the future since 2017. And we can do the same
for your workforce.


The good news is, despite their anxieties about the pandemic, research shows that most employees want to learn about emerging technologies and how they will impact the future of business and society at large. They want to actively participate in (and benefit from) creating that future! We’ve seen this first-hand, over the past three years, at over 100 technology think tanks and workshops we’ve hosted with people from all walks of life (across all levels of technical expertise).

Over the years, we’ve helped thousands of professionals to learn about the power  and potential of emerging technologies and the disruptive changes (positive and problematic) that will happen through the year 2025, by giving them engaging content, context and a diverse community necessary to inspire them to push beyond their comfort zones and to proactively develop a strategic roadmap to the future. In the process, they gained confidence, crucial power-skills and foresight!

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How can we help your organization prepare employees
for the technological future?

By giving them our unique and highly engaging learning experiences, virtually.




Playing the long game.


In the face of a catastrophic global event like a pandemic, it is easy to become hyper-focused on solving the urgent problems of the present at the expense of developing a strategy that ensures success in the long-term future. It can be argued that short-term thinking is what caused many organizations to be woefully unprepared and falter during the earliest phase of the pandemic.

The pandemic has made this much very clear: if companies are going to successfully weather the coming turbulence from emerging technologies, market forces and geopolitics, they will need to have a “future-focused” workforce that maintains current systems while simultaneously preparing for both technologies and jobs that don’t yet exist! This means managers will need to understand the skills and goals their employees have today, the ones that are emerging, and those that will be needed in the future.

And, considering the pace of change, HR and business management leaders need to give employees the tools to shift from short-term thinking, to future-focused thinking as soon as possible.


The success of our programs is due to our consistent focus on three crucial elements:



Learning about emerging technology through the lense of real-world problems is the best way to understand the potential of technology and offers much-needed context. Participants learn how to ask and answer uncomfortable questions about tech, together, and why critical thinking is key to the success and ethical deployment of technology.


The most powerful weapon in overcoming fear of the future is continuous learning. We embed continuous learning into everything we do — from MicroCourses, to industry research, to our informative newsletters. We help people to develop a personalized continuous learning plan to guide their tech upskilling journey.


You can’t prepare for a future you can’t see. Since our first event, we’ve created content and learning experiences based on future forecasts and research. We teach attendees how to identify future “technology tipping points,” how to prepare for them, and how to identify and maximize opportunities in them.

5 times we accurately anticipated technology innovations and disruptions and prepared professionals for them!

Our Products and Services


T25 Think Tanks™ 

The virtual version of our popular live-event series, our T25 Think Tanks are highly engaging, 1-2 hour events where attendees learn about a particular emerging technology (or catergory of technologies) through the lense of  real-world problem, based on current news events, that might happen in the future.



Future-Ready MicroCourses

Essential learning for uncertain times, our Future-Ready MicroCourses give learners what they need to know now, to be prepared for the technological future with MicroCourses on the real-world applications of emerging technologies in business and society.



Executive Management Advisory

Executives face extraordinary challenges today. Our team, lead by James Jeude, provides executives and management teams with strategic advisory including bespoke futures research and forecasts, organizational strategic decision-making, nextgen leadership development, technology ethics and rollouts, etc.


Creating a strategic roadmap to 2025.


The development, deployment and ethics of technologies that are automating our world including Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Algorithms, Chat Bots, Robotics, RPA, etc. And the ethics of automation.



Millions of jobs will be lost to automation, and millions more will be created. What are the jobs of the future and how do we train for them? What’s the impact of emerging tech on the future workforce.


Advanced technologies that simulate real world systems virtually including VR/AR/XR, Digital Twins, 3D Capture/Printing, Avatars, Deep Fakes, Holograms, Brain-Computer tech (Neurolink), Virtual Beings/Humans, IoT.



In addition to biotech in general we cover innovations addressing pandemic problems including tracing/tracking, office management, surveillance technologies, vaccine dissemination and tracking.


Climate change solutions including batteries for electric vehicles, solar tech, carbon capture tech, alternative foods, and smart cities. What are these technologies and how will they impact companies and change the world?



Forecasting future technology tipping points from 2021 through 2025 and strategizing a road map on how to prepare for these disruptive changes and how to identify and maximize opportunities from them.

“If leaders don’t know what and how their employees are thinking about the future, their organizations are flying blind.”

— Charlie Oliver (CEO, Tech 2025)


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