Join Tech 2025 at “Funny as Tech: Altered Reality: AR, VR, & XR!” Live Show & Podcast Taping (May 8th)


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Get Ready for Altered Reality!

Who doesn’t want their reality altered?! Investors and big brands are betting big that, in the future, you and everyone you know will want mind-blowing, reality-altering technology big time (and that you’ll pay big bucks for it!). If the idea of this intrigues you, frightens you, confuses you, or just plain freaks you out, then definitely join us for Funny as Tech‘s next show, Altered Reality: AR, VR, & XR!, done in partnership with Tech 2025, Tuesday, May 8, 7PM-8PM at The People’s Improve Theater (Tickets: $8, get a discount when you use the Tech 2025 code: TWENTYFIVER)

Some of the topics David and Joe will explore include:  Will augmented reality alter the workplace and living space of the future? Will virtual reality achieve its long-discussed promise? How will this impact our relationships? Get full info and speaker bios HERE.

Guest Speakers

Susanna Pollack

Susanna Pollack , President of Games for Change, the leading global advocate for the power of games and virtual realities as drivers of social impact.

Debra Davis

Debra Davis is the Founder and Managing
Director of NKLS. NKLS advises on and
invests in AR/VR and other emerging technologies.

Samantha G. Wolf

Samantha G. Wolfe is the Founder of PitchFWD, a Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality consulting agency.

What the heck is “Funny as Tech”?

While shifts in technology now affect all of us, they’re usually discussed in the ivory tower or at industry conferences. Like any subject involving niche expertise, future speculation and no clear-cut answers, it’s hard to make entertaining. A show like Funny As Tech presents an alternative: an expert who quotes studies from PricewaterhouseCoopers with a comedian who can make it digestible on the fly. Engadget

Funny as Tech is a NYC-based live panel show and weekly podcast that tackles the thorniest issues in tech! Co-hosts David Ryan Polgar (tech ethicist) and Joe Leonardo (comedian) invite a diverse range of experts to unpack our absurd present and uncertain future. The aim is to have a freewheeling conversation that is informative, accessible, and entertaining. Topics have included diversity in tech, trolls, tech addiction, cryptocurrency, the future of work, and the future of conversation (chatbots, etc). To learn more about Funny as Tech, check out this video interview with David and Joe: WATCH VIDEO

A couple of months back, Charlie Oliver (our CEO) was invited to speak on panel at Funny as Tech’s February show, What is the future of work?. We had a blast and the panel conversation on technologies disrupting how we work (and how we think about work), was a ton of fun and thought-provoking. Listen to the whole show HEREAnd here’s a video recap from the show by Engadget (Is Technology Funny?):

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Get your tickets ($8) now before they sell out. To get a discount on the already ridiculously cheap ticket price, use the this Tech 2025 discount code at checkout: TWENTYFIVER 

[Note: Tech 2025 is doing this in partnership with the Funny as Tech. We are not involved with the ticket sales of this event — tickets are managed by Funny as Tech through The Pit: People’s Improv Theater]

We’re to participate in this awesome show. Hope to see you there! 😎




Start Time

7:00 pm

May 8, 2018

Finish Time

8:00 pm

May 8, 2018


Peoples Improv Theater, 123 E24th Street