Learn How to Build Amazon Alexa Skills (2-Day Workshop)

Alexa Skills Tour Summer 2017

The future is conversational interfaces! From the Echo, to Google Home, to the Apple Pod, conversational home assistants are not only on the rise, they are now mainstream and big business!

The leader of the pack (and the first in this space) is the Amazon Echo (Alexa). Alexa has literally thousands of skills programmed that Users can use, many of which were built by third-party platforms and brands we know and enjoy. Turns out, builing skills for Alexa is quite a good skill to have.

If you have an interest in learning how to build skills for Alexa join us for this special partner event hosted by Voicehacks and Amazon Elexa where you’ll learn how to build skills for Alexa (and RSVP as soon as possible as the tickets will like go fast!). All are welcome regardless of whether you have coding experience or not (this is for beginners and experts).

Learn How to Build Skills for Voice with Alexa

**(First 100 people will receive COMPLIMENTARY ADMISSION).*** 

Join Voicehacks and Amazon Alexa for two days of hands-on training on building for voice with Alexa. We’ll show you how to design, build, and launch skills for Alexa and reach millions of customers. We’ll also share our pioneering knowledge in the field of voice design. Attend our workshop to join the ranks of thousands of designers, developers, and brands who’ve created more than 12,000 skills for Alexa.

This event is free for the first 100 registrants in each city as part of our commitment to remain accessible to all aspiring skill builders. The schedule includes introductory and advanced courses by Amazon, partner technologies, and brands. Register today to reserve your spot. Registration includes training, food and drinks, and swag.

SPONSORS:  Amazon Alexa, Twilio, Automated Insights, Capital One

***This is a partner event. If you wish to RSVP or want additional info, click the RSVP link below.***

RSVP to Attend

The first 100 people RSVP for free.

You must RSVP at the link below in order to be confirmed.


Start Time

12:00 am

July 13, 2017

Finish Time

11:59 pm

July 14, 2017


Fat Cat Lab, 224 West 4th Street, NYC

Event Participants

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