Driverless Trucks Will Come Before Driverless Cars – Here’s How They Will Disrupt Everything (Workshop)

About This Workshop

Fasten your seat belts! Within the next ten years or so, millions of jobs in the US (including truck drivers and peripheral jobs that support the trucking industry) will be lost due to the rise of driverless trucks.

Experts are predicting that driverless trucks will hit the road in as little as five years. We are already seeing driverless trucks doing test-runs here in the US. And, around the world, other countries are also frantically rushing to put driverless trucks on the road including GermanyChinaSweden, and The Netherlands. The driverless truck revolution is well under way!

  • Why are governments around the world investing heavily in driverless trucking technology?

  • Why are big tech companies like Uber, Amazon and Tesla aggressively moving into the driverless trucking space?

  • Who will be impacted the most when driverless trucks hit the road?

  • Where are the entrepreneurial opportunities in this space?

  • And what do truck drivers (who will ultimately be replaced by this technology) think? 

Join us for the special, interactive workshop that will combine learning, networking, and thought-provoking discussion on an emerging technology that is developing quicker than we can wrap our brains around it. Our expert guest presenter, Seth Clevenger (Technology Editor for Transport Topics Magazine), who writes extensively about driverless trucks and the technology that powers them, will offer unique, insider information into this explosive innovation.


Gain an understanding of the driverless truck ecosystem, the technology driving this innovation forward, the key players in the space, and potential road blocks and opportunities that are ahead. Learn what insiders in the trucking industry (including drivers, trucking companies, brands, manufacturers, etc.) really think about this new technology that will upend their entire industry (you’d be surprised!).


This is a non-technical workshop meant for anyone: marketers, advertisers, developers, product managers, investors, data analysts, students, policy wonks — all are welcome.

Guest Presenter

Seth Clevenger, Technology Editor, Transport Topics iTech Magazine

iTech covers intelligence, technology and solutions for trucking.

Seth  (@sethclevenger) writes and edit news stories and features for Transport Topics, a newspaper covering the trucking and freight transportation industry, and its iTECH supplement, which tracks the latest issues and developments in the transportation technology sector including the impact of driverless trucks on the industry.

Seth’s recent iTech articles include:

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Start Time

6:00 pm

April 12, 2017

Finish Time

8:00 pm

April 12, 2017


NYU Tandon Makerspace 6 MetroTech Center, 8th Fl. Brooklyn, NY 11201