Technology Innovation and Trump’s Agenda – Where Do We Go From Here?

About This Workshop

President Elect Trump will be sworn in as the 45th President of the United States on January 20, 2017. How will his agenda, the first year he is in office, impact Silicon Valley and technology innovation in the country for the next year and what do we, as citizens, entrepreneurs, and consumers, need to know in order to participate in shaping technology innovation policy that will impact us for years to come?

Join Tech 2025 for this special workshop on technology innovation policies and legislation in Trump’s first year as President. Using current events and expert insight as a guide, Scott Schwaitzberg (Tusk Ventures) will provide an overview of the most pressing legislative issues in emerging technology and highlight the issues technology companies and the Trump administration will most likely focus on in 2017. What should entrepreneurs and consumers know? Some of the topics and questions that will be discussed include:

  • What were some of the most contentious legislative battles in technology innovation in 2016 and what are Trump’s positions on these issues?
  •  Which frontier technologies (AI, driverless vehicles, robot automation, VR, etc.) are of the biggest concern to the Trump’s administration? What is their plan?
  • What are the most pressing concerns of the big tech companies (Google, Facebook, Tesla, etc.) and how will they reposition and redefine/refine their policy goals in 2017? (case studies)
  • What should entrepreneurs know about the coming battles in cybersecurity, data protection, an impending trade conflict with China, and more?
  • How are investors and VCs viewing Trump’s positions on tech policies and how will it impact their investment strategies?
  • What will Trump’s technology innovation priorities be in the first 100 days of his presidency and for the rest of 2017 (ie, data privacy, STEM education, workforce automation and the unemployment fallout, etc.)?
  • How does US technology innovation policy compare to (and impact) innovation policies in other countries (and vice versa)? Will Trump help or hurt that?
  • How can you stay informed and participate in shaping technology innovation policy on the federal, state, and local level?
  • What are some of the most pressing tech policy issues for 2017 in New York State/City and how will that impact consumers, startups, corporations and employment?


Learn how legislation drives (and sometimes inhibits) technology innovation and how government, technology companies, and lobbyists enact policy change. Gain an understanding of how Trump’s administration can drastically change the direction of our economy (for better or for worse) based on his stance on current technology innovation issues. Find out how you can participate in technology policy discussions (ie, New York Is Having Serious Discussions About Driverless Cars).


This is a non-technical workshop meant for anyone: marketers, advertisers, developers, investors, data analysts, students, policy wonks — all are welcome.

Guest Presenter

Scott Schwaitzberg, Tusk Ventures

Tusk Ventures is the first political strategy firm focused primarily on helping startups navigate the political, regulatory, and media hurdles that come with reshaping entrenched industries.

Scott (@sjttocs) developed and runs our practice to help colleges, universities and institutions across the nation improve their performance in student retention and quantitative and qualitative ranking and metrics. Scott additionally manages the efforts of the Tusk Montgomery Philanthropies to provide sophisticated political counsel and expertise to hunger advocacy groups and food banks in cities and states across the country to better leverage government benefits and funding on issues like school breakfasts, food stamp enrollment and other issues that impact hunger and food insecurity.

Scott has experience across the private, public and philanthropic sectors. Most recently, he worked in two roles at the intersection of social impact and technology. On the product and strategy team at, Scott led a number of projects to reinvent how people and governments interact via technology. He also recently worked on the leadership team at Catchafire, an early-stage technology startup focused on reinventing the skills-based volunteering space. Prior to Google, Scott served New York City as Deputy Chief of Staff to Howard Wolfson, a Deputy Mayor in the Bloomberg Administration, where he managed a wide ranging set of initiatives from public wi-fi installations to solving the feral cat problem in New York public housing.

Scott began his career as a management consultant at McKinsey & Company where he helped clients in the technology, finance, retail and philanthropic space solve major strategic and operational questions. He left McKinsey as an engagement manager in 2010. Scott sits on the board of The NYC Foundation for Computer Science Education (CSNYC), and previously served as the first public member of the San Francisco Committee on Information Technology, the governance and oversight body for technology decisions for the City and County of San Francisco. Scott graduated with high honors with a B.A. in Plan II and Economics from The University of Texas at Austin. He lives in New York with his wife and dog.

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Eventbrite - Tech 2025 Workshop: Technology Innovation Under President Trump – the First Year

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Guest Presenter: Scott Schwaitzberg, Tusk Ventures


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6:00 pm

January 18, 2017

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8:00 pm

January 18, 2017


NYU Entrepreneurial Institute 16 Washington Place (at Greene St.) New York City 10003