2020 IEEE Computer Society/SEI Watts S. Humphrey Software Process Achievement Award

2020 IEEE Computer Society/SEI Watts S. Humphrey Software Process Achievement Award




The Carnegie Mellon University Software Engineering Institute and the IEEE Computer Society invite you to join us for a webcast from the recipient of the 2020 IEEE Computer Society/SEI Watts S. Humphrey Software Process Achievement Award, Rajendra “RP” Prasad, global automation lead at Accenture. Since 1994, the SEI and the IEEE Computer Society have cosponsored the award, which recognizes outstanding achievements in improving an organization’s ability to create and evolve high-quality software-dependent systems.

Prasad was recognized as the driver of a five-year journey for Accenture to transform its software development and application delivery lifecycle through intelligent automation and intelligent technology assets. He has globalized and industrialized an end-to-end automation framework, practices, and technology platform called myWizard across Accenture to address one of the biggest challenges—implementing a future-ready, mature level of automation throughout the software engineering lifecycle at speed and scale. His efforts will help to realize the full potential of automation to bring value to business through human plus machine collaboration.

About the Recipient

Rajendra Prasad (RP) has been at the center of Fortune 500 companies’ digital transformations of their IT systems and application management for more than 26 years.

As the global automation lead for Accenture, he is at the forefront of using the next generation of IT, AI and modern engineering to help companies realize maximum business value. RP believes that digital transformation through AI-powered automation is a holistic, enterprise-wide change management program that includes people, culture and process, not just technology. He can discuss how large organizations can successfully scale automation and AI by using his “4S Model”: simple, seamless, scalable, sustainable. RP also holds multiple patents. He has brought together technology and deep industry experience to create myWizard, Accenture’s end-to-end delivery excellence and innovation platform. He can speak to how to execute business strategy through automation, AI, machine learning, DevOps, cloud, continuous innovation and building the talent pipeline.

RP has 15 approved patents to his credit and 120 patents filed worldwide.


Jul 16 2021


1:30 pm - 2:30 pm
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