2030 Movement: What Tech Are Investors Betting On Now?

Join GA and our panel of experts to discuss the industries that will be disrupted, tech trends to look out for and the art of investing.




This event is part of The 2030 Movement, a free two-week online festival for the next leaders and innovators in tech. Head to The2030Movement.com to see the full schedule.

Think you’ve got what it takes to be a VC? Is emerging and disruptive tech your bread and butter?

This event will take you behind the scenes of venture capitalism, drawing back the curtain on how investment decisions are made and what technologies are placed to be the biggest breakthroughs by 2030.

Join GA for a robust discussion on:

Predicting the future of technology

Industries that will be disrupted by 2030

Current technologies set to boom or bust

The art of investing in tech

Whether tech investment intrigues you or you’re just fascinated by emerging tech, you won’t want to miss this panel event!

Our Speakers:

Amra Naidoo | General Partner & Co-Founder, Accelerating Asia

Kim Hansen | CEO & Co-Founder, Cake Equity

Melissa Ran | Head of Community, Airtree

Tom Humphrey | Principal, Blackbird Ventures

[Moderator] Tejas Parikh | Talent Manager, Entrepreneur First

The event is finished.


Sep 30 2021


4:00 am - 5:00 am

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