3 Keys to Better DC Fast Charger Utilization for Electric Vehicles

Thinking of deploying DC Fast chargers? In this session we’ll discuss how to use data to drive your next deployment.

Sales of electric vehicles in the US are fast approaching an inflection point, and could approach 40 million EVs on American roads in 2030 from only 2 million today. But this growth necessitates that the optimum number and type of EV chargers are located not just where there are gaps in coverage or in underserved markets – but also where they will be highly utilized to support current and future demand as well as business models.




In this webinar, join Stable CEO Rohan Puri and EVAdoption CEO Loren McDonald for an enlightening conversation on how EV charging vendors and hosts can and should use data to best optimize your next DC Fast-Charger Deployment. In this session they’ll cover:

Current state of US EV sales and charger deployment

Current charger utilization and business models

Impact of Biden 50% EV goals and charging infrastructure plans

How utilization is measured

The key data inputs used to determine high versus low charger utilization

Key data points to consider and use to drive decisions that produce better utilization rates

Bringing location, customer experience, utilization and business models together to ensure success

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Aug 24 2021


1:00 pm - 1:30 pm