3 Ways Users Influence a Continuous Software Evaluation Cycle

  • Leverage the 5 user archetypes to drive high-value adoption
  • Reduce churn by mitigating the influence of detractor behaviors on renewals
  • Improve your user experience competency by cultivating the voice of the user




User experience, a critical component for customers, matters more than ever. Yet, many software providers continue to prioritize investments in features that appeal to buying teams over experiences that appeal to users, focusing on where they perceive the power. Trends like SaaS, product-led growth and the democratization of IT distribute power broadly and drive continuous software evaluation and decision cycles. Vendors that miss this shift increase their risk of churn and slower-than-planned adoption as they ignore the voice of the user. This complimentary webinar shares new research from Gartner into users’ behaviors and how they express their voice through direct acquisition, adoption, and influence. Find out how software providers can adapt their user-focused hearing and response mechanisms to win the continuous evaluation cycle and drive high-value adoption.

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Sep 27 2021


11:00 am - 12:00 pm

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