3D Bioprinting Bone with Jenny Chen MD

World-class scientists and entrepreneurs share their latest discoveries and entrepreneurial journeys in the field of 3D bioprinting bone.




Why is 3D bioprinting bone so important? Because the autologous bone graft is simply not enough. What many people perhaps don’t know is that bone harvesting is not only limited by donor sites and but also adding additional risk to surgeries. Just imagine patients with head and neck (or other) cancers, in addition to the wrath of cancer, they have to endure disfiguring but life-saving surgeries.

Therefore, being able to use tissue engineering, digital design, 3D printing to create space-filling fully implantable bone tissue is many surgeons’ dream. However, what appears hard and homogenous, an ideal for 3D printing, is not easy, because the musculoskeletal system is actually a dynamic, ever-changing vascularized organ. Therefore, bioprinting bone faces many similar challenges to bioprinting other organ systems. In this webinar, we have included world-class scientists and entrepreneurs to share their latest discoveries and entrepreneurial journeys. We will also have breakout rooms after the webinar presentations for networking purposes, which will last around 30 minutes. We are also open to meeting Pitch3D startups during the breakout session, and you can apply here: https://3dheals.com/pitch3d .

Full speaker and bio related links can be found here: https://3dheals.com/3d-bioprinting-bone .

The on-demand recording will be available here after the event: https://3dheals.com/courses .

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Jul 08 2021


11:00 am - 12:30 pm

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