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Engaging with government, and in particular defence, can seem challenging. Through the MAKE UK Competitive Advantage Programme (CAP), Canny-Comms (in partnership with Black Jellyfish), provides support and guidance to commercialise technology within the defence and security industry.

We’ve asked the Canny team to give our members an leg-up in defence innovation by sharing their knowledge on the ‘inside track’ to accessing funding.

Join us on 9th November at 12:00 for:
• A clear overview of the priority areas, funding opportunities, organisations and entry points (DSTL, DASA, prime contractor accelerator programmes)

• Guidance on how to engage the MOD and what it will be looking for in potential innovation suppliers

• An outline of the innovation approach within defence, with a focus on technology roadmaps, exploitation partners, and alignment with military requirements

• Best practise on how to translate and communicate between technology and military audiences to improve stakeholder engagements and your likelihood of success

The potential benefits of engaging with defence innovation has never been greater, with increased opportunities for finance, advice and global market access.

• The increased defence budget includes £6.6 billion funding for R&D, with an extra £1 billion on science and technology over the next 4 years

• There are clear technology priorities and capability requirements with opportunities for new entrants to capitalise on grant funding to accelerate technology development and exploitation

• The innovation landscape across defence and security remains complex with multiple entry points and commercial mechanisms which can feel overbearing

• As we heard from Jim Pennycook, defence industry partner for DASA at DPRTE earlier this week, there remains to be a significant challenge in pulling innovation through into military capability

The event is finished.


Nov 09 2021


7:00 am - 8:00 am

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