Adding resilience to businesses through cyber insurance – Risk Zero Does Not Exist

This session will cover why cyber insurance is important, what it might cover or not, and how to evaluate cyber insurance programs.



Risk zero does not exist. No organization is immune to cyberattacks as proven by the current wave of incidents impacting businesses of any size across all industries. Cyber insurance helps businesses return to normal operations quickly after an incident and lowers the financial burden of recovery.

The presenter, Isabelle, leads market engagement efforts at Cowbell Cyber, including cyber insurance go-to-market, partnerships with cybersecurity providers, and all marketing functions. Isabelle brings 10 years of cybersecurity experience built at Palo Alto Networks where she launched industry-specific initiatives, at BlueTalon (acquired by Microsoft) where she positioned the company as a data-centric security leader, and at Lacework, a cloud security unicorn that she launched out-of-stealth. Isabelle focuses on connecting complex technologies to business benefits. She holds a master’s in artificial intelligence from Ecole Centrale in France.

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Sep 02 2021


9:00 pm - 10:00 pm

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