AI and Human Rights (hosted by Society for Computers & Law)

An event co-organised between QMGPI & SCL. With DERI, CCLS, International Bar Association & speakers from The Alan Turing Institute



The regulatory and policy environment of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is one that is both in a state of flux and attracting increasing attention from policymakers and business leaders at a global scale.

AI is having an impact on most aspects of government activities, business operations, and people’s lives. Proposals in favour of letting the technology advance unregulated are under question, with the increasing realisation of the potential pitfalls of such unhindered development.

Join us for this event featuring speakers from:

While there is a tension between the need to further develop the technology harnessing its potential benefits, and the harm that the use of it may cause to different aspects of people’s lives, there seems to be a tacit consensus that Human Rights represent the limits where the potential impact takes precedence over the alleged benefits of the technological development.

Taking place two days before International Human Rights Day on 10 December, this event will set the stage for further discussion on the topic, with the panel expected to discuss the current situation of AI development and use, at both public and private entities, and the actual and potential repercussions of that use on people’s enjoyment of Human Rights

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Dec 08 2021


9:30 am - 11:30 am

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