AI and the Loss of Privacy

There is an AI application for everything. They are free and sometimes very useful. But are losing our privacy every time we use them?



MachineTrain is hosting a presentation about the repercussions of using AI technologies in a digital world. The following topics will be covered during the talk

  • What is AI?
  • How do AI apps work?
  • Different Kinds of Privacy Loss
  • Personal data and Data collectors.
  • Flaws in AI
  • EU laws that safe guard privacy
  • Failing Democracy

Some of the information in this presentation will surprise and shock you.

Speaker is

Sunanda Gangaram

Founder and CEO ,


Sunanda Gangaram is passionate about educating people about the benefits and drawbacks of using AI technologies. She has worked as Software Architect in various companies in the Silicon valley for 15+ years.


MachineTrain is primarily focused on providing AI solutions to small businesses. MachineTrain also conducts workshops to provide opportunities to learn AI programming concepts. These workshops are open to people of all backgrounds who wish to pursue different career paths

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The event is finished.


Dec 03 2021


9:30 pm - 10:30 pm

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