AI for Social Impact | Interactive Webinar (Forbes Ignite)

This interactive webinar provides straightforward frameworks to guide your social Impact and developing & implementing customer-centric AI



Inspired by their upcoming book “What’s Your AI Strategy?” Forbes Ignite will share thinking and design tools that assist changemakers in the following:

Investigating artificial intelligence that makes sense for your business and your impact;

Understanding the technology needed to implement AI in your social impact effectively;

Starting social impact that demonstrates people, process, technology, capital, and strategy with ease.

We hope that this interactive 1-hour webinar will be an invaluable resource for anyone involved in a socially conscious business or a social enterprise and who wishes to further digital transformation within their organisation in a way that benefits their clients.

Nathaniel Hawley – Director of Engagement at Forbes Ignite, AI in Healthcare Fellowship committee member and social entrepreneur.


13:00 EST- Webinar begins

14:00 EST – Conclusion


The ethical and social landscape of organisations are rapidly changing. Since COVID-19, social entrepreneurs and SME’s have been competing to develop artificial intelligence systems that can rival the likes of billion-dollar companies.

The ability of artificial intelligence to turn a low-revenue enterprise into a powerhouse of social change is on the horizon and, in many cases, are already here.

These challenges are even more critical for ethical start-ups and social enterprises due to shortages of specialized skills and resources.

In this interactive presentation, Forbes Ignite will outline the first steps for ethically and socially conscious entrepreneurs and small to medium enterprises to find their path to a truly symbiotic partnership with AI.

We will also highlight challenges associated with the practical implementation of AI in SMEs by looking at case studies and engage in discussions to decide if investing in AI will be the right decision for you!

Source Material

What’s Your AI Strategy? The Forbes Ignite Guide to Customer-Centric Artificial Intelligence explores creating an AI strategy that adds value for your users and customers—and your bottom line—written by Will Thompson, VP and Managing Director of Forbes Insights and publisher of Forbes AI and Nicole Cacal, CEO of Forbes Ignite.

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Jul 23 2021


1:00 pm - 2:00 pm

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