AI in 2022: A Look at the Power, Potential, and Perils (hoated by IEEE Computer Society Pheonix)

This talk will give an introduction to AI for non-practitioners and then highlight current use cases.



In this talk, Steve will give an introduction to AI for non-practitioners and then highlight current use cases in computer vision, natural language processing, time series forecasting, anomaly detection, reinforcement learning, and recommender systems where AI-based systems are already performing well or offer significant promise to do so in the near future. Some key examples include drug discovery, robotics, language understanding, climate change mitigation, supply chain optimization, and pandemic modeling.

He will also discuss the significant risks of AI systems related to bias, fairness, privacy, fraud, cybersecurity, and misinformation/disinformation and then the current efforts in algorithmic accountability and AI ethics to minimize negative impacts or harms. Steve will share some very recent disinformation research results related to COVID and Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

There will be plenty of accessible content for those newer to AI as well as pointers to technical details for those with strong AI backgrounds who want to learn about key recent research developments.

Dr. Steve Kramer, Chief Scientist of¬†KUNGFU.AI¬†is a computational physicist and data science entrepreneur with 29+ years of post-PhD experience in data science, research, software, and business management. He earned a Ph.D. in physics in the Center for Nonlinear Dynamics at The University of Texas at Austin. Steve has extensive research experience spanning data mining, machine learning, anomaly detection, bot/cyborg detection, clustering, network graph analysis, deep learning, spatiotemporal forecasting, predictive analytics, social media analytics, and pattern discovery/recognition. In 2014, he patented a robust method for dynamic anomaly detection based on chaos theory. Steve spoke at Data Day Texas in 2014 and 2018 and at Data Day Seattle in 2016. Since 2011, he has served as a program committee member and reviewer for the ACM KDD and IEEE Security and Intelligence Informatics conferences. He recently acted as the Principal Investigator on multiple subcontracts for DARPA’s Information Innovation Office and on two different prototype contracts for the Defense Innovation Unit (DIU). He is proud to serve on the board of technical advisors for

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Jun 08 2022


10:00 pm - 12:00 am

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