AI x Real World: Energy & Education Case Studies by

Join us for a live virtual event on June 9 where speakers from Omdena will be giving us a walkthrough of AI case studies in real life. This event is co-hosted by DeepLearning.AI and Omdena.

Case Study 1: AI for Energy: Transitioning Toward a Sustainable Energy System

Presented by: Mahzad Khoshlessan, Product Owner/Project Manager, Omdena

Talking Points:

Data Gathering

Challenges faced in the project

How the problem was approached and tackled

Various ML techniques tested with their results

Case Study 2: Understanding the Causes and Effects of Student Debt through Machine Learning

Presented by: Galina Naydenova, Lead Machine Learning Engineer, Omdena

Talking Points:

Use of data from government/official sources

The diversity of output

Building a storyline that brings the datapoints together

Going beyond the analysis by proposing actions on different levels

The event will start off with presentations and follow with Q&A. We’ll be using Slido for Q&A. Please note that only the people who sign up for the Slido ticket will have access to Slido to post and upvote questions.


The event is finished.


Jun 09 2021


1:00 pm - 2:00 pm

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