AI3SD Autumn Seminar VII: Digital Twins in Chemistry

Professor Markus Kraft from the University of Cambridge will speak about the use of Digital Twins in Chemistry.



This seminar forms part of the AI3SD Online Seminar Series that will run across the autumn (from October 2021 to December 2021). This seminar will be run via zoom, when you register on Eventbrite you will receive a zoom registration email alongside your standard Eventbrite registration email. Where speakers have given permission to be recorded, their talks will be made available on our AI3SD YouTube Channel. The theme for this seminar is Digital Twins.


  • 10:00-10:45: The Universal Digital Twin – accessing the world of chemistry – Professor Markus Kraft (University of Cambridge)

Abstracts & Speaker Bios

The Universal Digital Twin – accessing the world of chemistry – Professor Markus Kraft (University of Cambridge)

Abstract: In my talk I shall present the “universal digital twin” (UDT) and some of its applications in the realm of chemistry. The UDT is a dynamic knowledge graph and is implemented using technologies from the Semantic Web. It is composed of concepts and instances that are defined using ontologies, and of computational agents that operate on both the concepts and instances to update the dynamic knowledge graph. By construction, it is distributed, supports cross-domain interoperability, and ensures that data is connected, portable, discoverable and queryable via a uniform interface. We present a small number of use cases that demonstrate the ability of the dynamic knowledge graph to host and query chemical knowledge, control chemistry experiments and combine it with geospatial data. For example, we shall present Marie, which is a proof-of-concept Question Answering system for accessing chemical data in the UDT.

Bio: Prof Markus Kraft is a Fellow of Churchill College Cambridge and Professor in the Department of Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology. He is the director of CARES ltd., the Singapore-Cambridge CREATE Research Centre. He is also a principal investigator of “Cambridge Centre for Carbon Reduction in Chemical Technology (C4T)”. 

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Nov 24 2021


5:00 am - 5:45 am

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