Airtable’s Platform Team: Creating Tools for Creators

Join us for an hour of lightning talks presented by Airtable’s Platform team! We will end with an interview with a special guest.



Calling all engineers – If you are interested in product engineering, this event is for you! Enjoy an hour of lightning talks and a fireside chat with Raymond Endres, Chief Technology Officer here at Airtable. We’ll cover topics such as Automations, Apps, and Sync. Join us to learn about how we engineer Airtable for both consumers and businesses.

How to join:
Please RSVP First and follow the link below to join the event:

Airtable Speakers:

Billy Littlefield – Software Engineer, Ecosystems

Nenya Edjah – Software Engineer, Integrations

Mary Rose Cook – Product Engineer, Automations

Philip Langdale – Software Engineer, Product Infrastructure


Annie Cheng – Software Engineer, Integrations

Special Guest: Raymond Endres (Chief Technology Officer at Airtable) in conversation with Chuan Ji ( Engineering Leadership at Airtable)


Building the Escape Hatch

Connecting Airtable to the World

Automations: An accessible, powerful programming environment

Automations Reliability

Q&A with Raymond Endres

The event is finished.


Oct 12 2021


7:00 pm - 8:00 pm

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