Algorithmic Auditing with Christo Wilson

How can we ensure fair algorithmic systems? Join our talk with Christo Wilson and learn why Algorithmic Auditing may be one way to do so.



The Confronting Data Co-lab invites you to join our Toolbox Talk with Christo Wilson (Associate Professor at Northeastern University).

Christo will share insights from his research on algorithmic auditing and his thoughts on this emerging area of research. His recent work on “cooperative audits” can be accessed here.

Our most recent paper on public service algorithms takes inspiration from the “cooperative audit” method. This paper is available in a preprint here.

We look forward to an existing discussion on current and future work.

The Toolbox Series

The Toolbox Series is a forum for discussing new methods that help us to better understand, develop, and/or evaluate data-driven technologies. Through “Toolbox Talks” we explore and learn about researchers’ new techniques and approaches to, for example, examining AI or data governance. Everybody is welcome to join the talks!

The event is finished.


Dec 15 2021


9:00 am - 10:00 am

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