Alto Pharmacy’s Tech Talks: Our Latest Mobile App Launch

Join members of our engineering, design, and product teams as we discuss our launch of the industry’s first mobile app for doctors’ offices!



At Alto, we are changing the way people manage and fill their prescriptions with a patient-centric, technology-driven online pharmacy.

Recently, we launched the industry’s first mobile application for clinical teams and prescribers to manage their pharmacy experience.

Learn more about how our Providers Team took this opportunity to modernize how we build apps and define our infrastructure, utilizing cutting edge technology to continue to innovate and create an exceptional product and experience for our healthcare providers.

Some technical topics we will cover include:

– auto ci (automerge, linting, testing, e2e, semantic release, fastlane)

– observability (sentry, optimizely, amplitude)

– stack (typescript, jest, testing-library, eslint, circle ci)

– features (push notifications, biometrics, filters)

– design (todos, messages, patient details, multiclinic)

– architecture (function vs class, component library, protos)

The event is finished.


Dec 16 2021


3:00 pm - 3:30 pm

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