Anthropologists at Work with Dr. Sonia Rab Alam of Facebook & Instagram

Lunchtime Q&A series where we chat with medical anthropologists and sociologists about their career journeys within and beyond academia.



Join us for part 3 of our 3-part 2021 series where we catch up with anthropologists and sociologists working within and beyond academia. Growing up in the university system, we often don’t learn about other forms of collaboration and job prospects beyond academia despite our skillset. We connect with anthropologists who have worked in the private and public sectors to learn about their career paths and strategies for applying anthropology, wherever they may be.

In December, we’ll be talking with Dr. Sonia Rab Alam of Facebook | Instagram:

Dr. Sonia Rab Alam has been conducting mixed-methods research for 15 years across academia and industry. After completing her PhD in Sociology at UCSF, she joined the UX Research team at Meta/Facebook in 2017, where she worked on small business products for Facebook Pages. In 2020, she became a UX Research Manager and now leads research on Instagram Small Business (IG SMB), where she supports researchers building tools for small businesses and creators around the world who leverage Instagram to support their livelihoods and ambitions. She leads 7 product teams on their strategy, helps craft the vision for IG SMB across the company, supports her team in identifying core research questions to establish strategy, and advocates for and elevates the role of research in IG SMB product development. Dr. Rab Alam’s research at Facebook and Instagram helped teams understand what small businesses and creators need from social media tools, including their workflows, pain points, and opportunities to provide value. At USCF, her doctoral research focused on the value and futures of consumer health technologies, such as smartwatches, smartphones, and wearable technologies.

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Dec 08 2021


4:00 pm - 5:00 pm

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