Anthropologists @Work: Q&A with Dr. Jamie Sherman of Netflix

Lunchtime Q&A series where we chat with medical anthropologists and their career journeys within and beyond academia.


I’m happy in my tenure track job, but what else can I do with my anthro PhD?

I’m in debt from my Master’s and adjuncting is not an option for me–how do I break into the private sector?

I’m graduating in June and there are zero jobs–help!?

Join us for part 1 of our 3-part series where we catch up with anthropologists working within and beyond acadmia. Growing up in the university system, we often don’t learn about other forms of collaboration and job prospects beyond academia despite our skillset. We connect with anthropologists who have worked in the private and public sectors to learn about their career paths and strategies for applying anthropology, wherever they may be.

In June, we’ll be talking with Dr. Jamie Sherman at Netflix:

Dr. Jamie Sherman is a cultural anthropologist (PhD Princeton, 2011) and Senior Researcher at Netflix. Her research background is in techniques and technologies of self-transformation, performance, and dynamics of race, gender, and play. Before joining Netflix in 2021, she worked at Intel Corporation, where she focused on emergent technological practices from quantified self, to live motion capture projection, and content creation practices. Today, her primary research topic is on the use of data models and predictions in decision making processes.

Who is this Q&A for?

Anthropologists and other social scientists at any and all levels of the career path–students, interns, researchers, consultants, tenure trackers, adjuncts, etc.


The event is finished.


Jun 03 2021


3:00 pm - 4:00 pm

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