Automated Futures: Short-term Goals and Long-Term Vision

This full-day free symposium will focus on the short-term goals and long-term vision for the implementation of automation in communities.

Autonomous systems are set to play a major role in our next wave of technological advancement both in industry and our community lives. As those who are at the forefront of these developments, we have both short-term goals for development and deployment as well as a long-term vision of the future and how those systems work together. Do our visions align with each other? Will the short-term goals lead us toward our long-term aims? Will our current work integrate harmoniously into an automated future?

In this symposium, we seek to address these issues through a dialogue that connects the work in different areas of research and development on autonomous systems. We will hear from key industry speakers as well as the Principal Investigators of the Autonomous Systems Initiative on their current work and how they see automation moving forward.


The event is finished.


Jun 02 2021


10:30 am - 6:00 pm

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