Automating Financial Wellness with Fintech

Financial wellness is a core component of the American Dream, but not all of us are working with the same tools. Can automated fintech help?



More than 50% of Americans lack emergency savings to cover 3 months of expenses, and 25% of Americans admit to having no savings at all. Yet personal finance tools like Acorns, Truebill, Klarna, Greenlight and others are more prevalent than ever. If consumers can create budgets, consolidate debt, build credit through rental payments, buy life insurance, auto-save by rounding up spending, auto-invest with fractional shares and much more from their phones, why is our nation’s financial health still lacking?

While we have different starting points, we’re all on a journey towards financial wellness. Can the fintech tools of today help us reach our personal destinations?

Join FinTech Frontier on August 26th for the first session in a new series exploring how fintech is addressing America’s journey towards financial wellness.

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Aug 26 2021


12:00 pm - 1:00 pm