Automation using no code tools for accountants

Learn how to seamlessly integrate systems to automate complex finance and operational processes… without ever writing a line of code.



The School of FinOps’s taster will teach you the fundamentals of using no code tools, like Zapier to tie together systems to create powerful automated workflows.


It’s never been more important for those in finance to understand the fundamentals of coding and technology. To support rapidly growing businesses the modern finance function cannot exist in isolation: It needs to integrate between multiple systems in a scalable, automated way.

This workshop provides accountants with the jump-start needed to enter into the world of automation and no code tools.

What we will cover

In the workshop, you will learn:

which no code tools are worth getting to know

how to build an automated workflow with them

how to customise workflows to run on a recurring basis

You’ll be working on your own and in a small group to work through some no code challenges.

Book your place!

This event will be limited to just fifteen places to ensure that everyone is able to participate fully. For this reason we ask everyone to pay a nominal fee of £5 to secure their place.

Who’s it for?

This workshop is specifically designed for people who:

Already have an understanding of the fundamentals of accounting and finance

Work in a start-up or fast growing business

Are looking to build their tech and automation skills

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Peer group support

One of the hardest things about working in finance in a startup is that there’s often no one to turn to for help. This workshop is designed around small group projects to give you plenty of opportunities to meet other startup finance professionals working in the same environment.

The School of FinOps

This workshop gives you a taster of what it is like to study with the School of FinOps. Our cohort-based courses give you the skills you really need to run a modern finance function in a fast-growing business. Interested in learning more? Check out our website:

The event is finished.


Oct 05 2021


12:00 pm - 1:00 pm

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