BCS-ISSG Early Career webinar: Challenges of Machine Learning in Production

Yes, you guessed it right, security is definitely one of them. How can we deal with these challenges from the early stages of model design?




Machine learning keeps bringing improvements in many different areas of our life, from movie recommendations, to online shopping, to autonomous driving, to healthcare systems. However, deployment of machine learning in production and its maintenance over time is a demanding undertaking and it comes with unique challenges, which should be considered from the early stages of model design.

In this interactive talk Jelena will discuss some of these challenges, so as security of machine learning models in production, as one of the leading requirements to have in mind. She will also discuss her exciting career moves and how it created more opportunities and enabled traveling to great many places.

Cyber Security Early Career Professionals monthly webinar and networking series is an interactive webinar and networking series consist of career stories and presentations/workshops delivered by Cyber Security Early Career Professionals from around the world. The event is open for all.


Jelena currently works as a Data Scientist supporting digitalization in Digital Excellence team of Mondi Group. Previously, she was a researcher at the Institute of Telecommunications, TU Wien, where she worked on detection and prevention of cyber-attacks in network traffic using machine learning methods.

She obtained her PhD in 2017 from Faculty of Informatics, USI-Lugano, Switzerland, working on the topic of the runtime detection of malware for resource-constrained systems using efficient, machine-learning-based methods.

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Jul 02 2021


10:00 am - 11:00 am

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