Becoming a Business Intelligence Professional (4): Future-Proof Your Career

Join Eric Liu to discuss why Business Intelligence jobs are in high demand, have high impact, have high salaries, and are future-proof!



WeCloudData is proud to announce our new five-part webinar series: “Becoming a Business Intelligence Professional (Analyst, Consultant, Developer, Engineer)”, featuring Program Director Eric Liu. Topics are centred around developing skills and building a successful career in the field of Business Intelligence (BI) and Data Analytics (DA). Join our workshops to learn from industry experts on how to accelerate your career in the rapidly growing market of BI-DA.


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At first, I gave my manager a static report and he asked me: What about this? What about that? Then I spent all day producing different reports to answer different questions. I’m like: Wait a minute, all these reports are aggregated measures grouped by dimensions at different levels. So instead of giving him many reports, I gave him a dynamic, self-serve Business Intelligence dashboard. As long as it is simple, intuitive and straightforward, he is happy to use it. It answers most of his questions and also frees up my time for other value-added projects!

Join Eric Liu, WeCloudData Program Director, to discuss why Business Intelligence jobs are high demand, high impact, high salary, and future-proof!


Business Intelligence Fact Sheet:

  • Global BI spend $39.35 billion.
  • Answers 3 questions at 3 levels: What happened? Why did it happen? What can we do about it? Strategic, tactical, operational.
  • Visualize value creation: business > data > insight > action > outcome.
  • A Typical BI Process: business analysis + data analysis (EDA, ETL) + data modelling (ERD) + data visualization (KPI).

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Dec 14 2021


7:00 pm - 8:00 pm

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