Berlin Reboots the Internet: How the Decentralized Web will Reshape Businesses and Society

How the decentralized web will reshape businesses and society, and the role of Europe’s tech hub Berlin.



Berlin is widely seen as the hotspot of Web3 technology and leading in its development. BerChain, with the support of DFINITY Foundation, is inviting the most promising leading scientists as well as tech visionaries to a virtual roundtable to discuss how the Berlin ecosystem facilitates the path towards a fully functional, advanced decentralized web, and in which ways the innovation of a hyper-scaled and decentralized internet makes the world better by providing solutions to the critical problems facing tech today.

We have been talking about the decentralized web for many years now: is it now the right time to get Web3 mass adoption? Recent events such as the Facebook news ban in Australia or the dispute around the new privacy policy of Whatsapp have heated up again the debate around a more decentralized web and data governance and give indications that now might be the right moment for adoption. During the virtual roundtable, our experts will discuss how the Web3 will restructure the flow of power and control on the internet so that ordinary users, developers, and businesses can take full ownership of their data.

The decentralized networks built for Web3 will make it difficult for central authorities and companies to collect and disproportionately profit from our data. Through new web protocols and storage architectures, Web3 enables enterprising tech companies to redesign the tech infrastructure for cloud storage to make market giants impossible, leveling the foundations of the modern web 3.0 and challenge the political, financial and cultural institutions on which it depends.

After the virtual roundtable discussion, DFINITY presents the Internet Computer Grant Fund to boost companies who will build their solution on the Internet Computer.

The event is finished.


Nov 29 2021


5:00 am - 6:40 am

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