Between Art and Neuroscience: the Mind as Storyteller (hosted by MIT Museum Studio)

A panel of artists and scientists discuss vision as a creative faculty, with film director Shekhar Kapur.



Our brains are built to tell us stories about the world. This is perception, an act of creation. What do artists and filmmakers understand about storytelling that complements the science of vision? How can deep interdisciplinary knowledge be fostered by our practices and our institutions?
The renowned film director, actor and producer Shekhar Kapur joins artists and scientists from MIT and the Rochester Institute of Technology for discussion. Live Q&A will follow the conversation. All are welcome.
DATE: Tues. November 23
TIME: 10-11:30 AM EST
Shekhar Kapur
Flip Phillips (Rochester Institute of Technology, School of Film and Animation)
Seth Riskin (MIT Museum Studio)
Sanjay Sarma (MIT Mechanical Engineering; Open Learning)
Sarah Schwettmann (MIT Brain and Cognitive Sciences; Computer Science and AI Lab)
Pawan Sinha (MIT Brain and Cognitive Sciences)
Hosted by the MIT Museum Studio

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Nov 23 2021


10:00 am - 11:30 am

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