Big Data for Development: Innovations in Digital Agriculture

The AIARD Board is proud to announce the Virtual AIARD Week 2022 (June 7-8): Big Data for Development: Innovations in Digital Agriculture



As our climate continues to change, any number of crises may affect our food systems. Shifts in weather patterns and increases in extreme weather events, ongoing disease outbreaks in humans and the foods on which we rely, and shifts in global migration as a result of these various changes all play a role in food access and equity.

Understanding the complexities of each of these major issues is a common goal of AIARD members and the people we serve, and data can often help us better understand how best to overcome these challenges.

With this in mind, and the quickly changing nature of how we all use data in our roles as development and agricultural professionals, the Board of the Association of International Agriculture and Rural Development (AIARD) is proud to present a roundtable with the theme¬†“Big Data for Development: Innovations in Digital Agriculture”¬†during this year’s Virtual AIARD Week.

Virtual AIARD Week 2022 will occur June 7 and June 8, and will feature a round table session on the above topic, as well as several career panels for young professionals and members of the Future Leaders Forum (FLF).

You will receive the link to the event before the conference. Members will receive a separate link for member-only events.

The event is finished.


Jun 07 - 08 2022


12:00 pm - 5:30 pm

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