Biodiversity: How Big Is Our Global Biodiversity Debt?

OpenGeoHub hosts two biodiversity scientists to discuss past and future of biodiversity in face of climatic and environmental change.



According to climate-expert prof. Johan Rockström, human-induced critical loss of biodiversity on land and in oceans is one of the biggest modern-time risks of leading to global ecosystem instability. The loss of biodiversity, especially in life-rich habitats as the Tropics, is one of the 9 tipping points derived from irreversible climate change, and has a major impact on life quality degradation on our planet.

We have only a few decades to reverse the negative trends and start valuing biodiversity realistically i.e. using financial damages and risks also affecting the next generations. But how to measure biodiversity and what is our global biodiversity debt? How much can we learn from the further and closer past?

We invited two biodiversity scientists from the University of Amsterdam and Leiden to our free webinar to discuss their discoveries with modeling species dynamics through time using historic data and biogeography.

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Dec 23 2021


9:00 am - 10:30 am